Since our inception, we have focused on growing and expanding our professional services. Engaged in providing complete and superior engineering solutions to all our clients, we provide complete services to the clients by offering a wide-ranging solutions for the groundwork that forms the backbone of any project.

The team of NSI successfully takes every project to the point of completion with the same attention to detail as it committed to manage and support. Our work procedures and staff knowledge have been demonstrated by evidence of experience. Our team of engineers and drafters unfailingly delivers cost-effective, on-time, and quality solutions that add value to the projects using advanced technology tools.


NSI offers reliable analysis results and insight solutions on the client’s project. We help our clients lessen the cost of product development, improve product quality, shrink the time-to-market, and more. One of our acclaimed strengths includes proper planning and development of projects. Our methodical approach and procedures provide the scope, budget, and relevant information our clients need to make critical business decisions confidently.