Innovative engineering solutions are essential for today’s state-of-the-art facilities and products. NSI is an engineering and tech-savvy powerhouse. We specialize in providing the necessary skill for your engineering, design, and manufacturing needs from concept to production. Our products and technological solutions are used in many commercial organizations. Our engineering specialists work collaboratively with clients to achieve receptive designs and integrated systems to create flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

NSI has a full-service industrial design department specializing in product development, prototype development, cost reduction, analysis, manufacturing, and automation. Compliance with industrial, automotive, or special customer standards, we provide a flexible service platform to all of our customers.

NSI has specialized in helping commercial and industrial organizations solve complex product development and manufacturing challenges through advanced technological processes. Along with excellent services, we also focus on industry innovation in a variety of fields. 

Since NSI’s inception, it has been extended to employees who perform technically complex tasks with exceptional care. From 3D scanning and modelling intricate to large complex parts and additive manufacturing technologies perfect for prototypes to functional end-use parts, NSI offers a full range of systems and services. 

Exceptional partnerships with local clientele have afforded NSI a wealth of opportunities to work on numerous challenging and delicate tasks, which has only further strengthened our ability to yield exceptional service surpassing the expectations of our clientele. We can help you improve your manufacturing processes and lower your production and quality costs by providing cost-effective and forward-thinking advice.