Actively involved in engineering design, analysis, manufacturing of commercial and residential infrastructure distribution systems, and other aspects of architecture, NSI provides Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Architectural Designing to regional and global clients. We deliver efficient, cost-effective planning and engineering services to develop sites and areas that precisely meet our client’s functional, aesthetic and conservational goals.

With highly skilled engineers on board, we constitute a range of skillful professionals who can provide incomparable services regardless of the complexity or size of your project. Our proficient engineers work closely with landscape architects, environmental engineers, scientists, and surveyors to meet the requirements of owners, contractors, architects, and institutional and government agencies. Our team members are meticulously trained to use state-of-the-art technology, including up-to-date workstations and software, all protected by top-tier security systems.

At NSI, we have incorporated state-of-the-art technology into the expertise of local and global engineering experts to accentuate modern design practices and deliver cost-effective engineering solutions that help you adopt design developments. From a small building addition to a significant expansion, we prepare conceptual and final designs, conduct feasibility studies, and produce construction documents as we adroitly steer every project through each of its stages.

NSI has the capability of working through multi-disciplinary teams and coordinating the skills of each member of the group in a manner that ensures optimum teamwork among specialists


A team of specialists providing versatile and high-quality services in all fields of the construction industry. We take pride in an excellent in-house analysis and functional diversity. NSI caters to clients’ requirements from diverse backgrounds, from startups all the way up to Fortune 100 companies. Our clientele boasts leading global universities, firms, and industrial units.

Working with such diverse clients and firms has enabled us to identify, address and solve clients’ problems swiftly and cost-effectively.