The energy markets across the world are continuously expanding. The energy industry, including oil and gas, is both labor and engineering-intensive, impelling the owners to make cost reduction a mandatory part of their business. Since the last few years, oil and gas companies have borne significant turbulence in the industry. The sector is constantly challenged with expanding energy needs of the world. This drives the need for this industry’s owners to get smarter, improve efficiencies, and reduce the time to scale up so that the market needs are continually being met.

NSI provides a host of engineering services for the Oil and Gas industry. We play an important role in providing engineering support to this sector and help their facilities operate safely and sustainably. Our team goes above and beyond in providing various planning, compliance, and design services. Other than the new projects that may come up, several facilities need to go through upgrading and revamping.

NSI supports clients in various areas such as pipe stress analysis, piping layout, process engineering, civil and structural engineering, electrical and instrumentation engineering, and procurement engineering.

The following is the list of support we provide to Oil and gas exploration and production:

  • Transmission pipelines;
  • Gathering pipelines;
  • Refineries;
  • Processing facilities;
  • Compressor and pumping stations; and
  • Above and below ground storage facilities.


NSI is in every part of the process – upstream, downstream, and in between: