NSI take pride in designing and drafting pressure vessel for numerous industrial sectors in accordance with major design codes and directives. Our pressure vessels are used in various applications, including particle accelerators, cryogenic apparatus, natural gas process skids, and several types of industrial and scientific research sectors.

NSI owns the ability to create a wide variety of pressure vessels such as reactor vessels, autoclaves, separators, evaporators, and so on. Our firm designs ASME code pressure vessels and tanks to clienteles throughout Canada.



Our firm specializes in ASME code pressure vessel engineering and design services. We also design and engineer components and fittings for pressure vessels which are also compliant to ASME code and other renowned international standards.



We widely examine your designs or create our designs for you based on your process requirements. We offer pressure vessel services based on advanced design methods, including stress and fatigue analysis reports if required. As a leading ASME pressure vessels designer, our powers lies in working with various alloys, pressures, & designs to meet your custom requirements.

We employ qualified engineering professionals who can take any complex or simple design, even a basic drawing, and turn it into a custom manufacturing plan. Our in-house drafting, engineering services allow us to control each pressure vessel’s standard.