NSI provides global expertise in nuclear energy plant engineering support and related services. We have made our way as nuclear industry’s experts in nuclear fuel, trusted and relied upon by one of the world’s leading nuclear power plants. NSI offers solutions for all sizes and types of projects for public and private sector clients throughout the nuclear industry. We offer a full suite of engineering services to support research organizations, operating utilities, safety authorities, fuel vendors, and new reactor design/start-up organizations.

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of nuclear energy and all relevant aspects related to nuclear assets and their economics. They support all components of the nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium enrichment facilities to spent fuel processing facilities. We ensure that every project meets the client’s scope of work on time and within budget. Our team of engineers monitors the system performance, identifies problems and solutions, and ensures that maintenance is done according to regulatory codes’ standards and procedures.

NSI holds the right tools and processes to carry out activities engineering services. This lets our clients respond to critical demands on short notice and enlightens them with technical knowledge and hands-on experience.