NSI is a leading engineering company working in the industry, striving every day to provide its clients with the best engineering solutions and services. Unlike other engineering service providers, we begin building your project team before the project even begins. We are a team of energetic and creative individuals offering the best engineering design and consulting services.

As a result of our professionalism, client-targeted service, and unquestionable excellence, NSI is one of Canada’s emerging engineering firms.

We currently consist of planners, engineers, drafters, permit specialists, and administrative staff. We have highly skilled and experienced professionals from diverse industries, building a solid internal team that translates every project into a success. Our commitment to quality, the excellence of our work, professional services, and our knowledge has distinguished us and helped assure that the projects are always completed with the excellence we aim for.


We strongly believe that every established engineering solution should exhibit the utmost quality and function at its maximum capacity budgetary and regulatory prerequisites.

Our level of service not only makes our relationships mutually rewarding but facilitates lasting relationships with the involved parties. The skills that we have developed and the multi-level design and engineering experience we have acquired while working across various industries and processing facilities inimitably qualify us as your go-to engineering partner.


We deal in every aspect of engineering, dispensing services that hold crucial significance during any project. Our services encapsulate all the aspects of engineering designs, analysis, and other protection services. Our wide range of solutions include: