With land availability increasingly limited, demolition and new building/road works are closer to the existing buildings. Excessive vibration can compromise a building’s integrity and threaten the occupant’s comfort. They can lead to cracks, wear of bearings, loosening of connections, structural and mechanical failures, malfunction of electronic equipment, and added costs to the maintenance. Vibration analysis is historically proven as one of the most effective tools for diagnosing problems in complex and multifaceted structures.

Understanding identifying the sources and effects of the vibration allows effective mitigation techniques to be applied. Our experience, combined with failure analysis and root cause methods, has solved numerous vibration-related problems.


NSI has delivered excellent services to the nuclear industry in Canada in vibration monitoring, vibration response characterization, and signal analysis using the Emerson-developed state-of-the-art software AMS Suite to identify modes of component failure and damage mitigation.

This expertise has recently been applied to piping systems to troubleshoot and solve vibration issues causing component failure. Design solutions can be recommended to address vibration issues.


The NSI team has served as consultants to many projects related to vibrations, noise transmission, fluid-solid interactions, fatigue, wind engineering, and control to agencies and industry. We spot the problems and identify causes beforehand, so you can plan and schedule suitable maintenance procedures when they’re convenient. We bring a depth of knowledge and experience to companies seeking efficient vibration analysis for components of structures and systems.

We have the knowledge needed to diagnose machinery problems quickly and effectively, using various vibration analysis techniques. Our goal in every situation is to identify problems and root causes quickly and to get your machinery operated acceptably, most shortly and economically.

Vibration monitoring plays a necessary role in earthworks, blasting, demolition, construction sites, and road works. Our comprehensive vibration analysis and testing can identify the source of a concern by measuring Ground Vibration caused by wind, heavy machinery such as electrical motors, piling rigs, engines, loaders, rollers, excavators, and trucks.