We help our customers realize the direct and indirect benefits of additively manufactured components in terms of performance, cost, and time by designing and validating their novel concepts for new components or redesigned their existing legacy components.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Optimization of mechanical and thermal performance through topology optimization and lattice structures
  • Conformal cooling/heating channels designed to maximize the rate of heat transfer
  • Design of lightweight and organically shaped manifolds with optimized flow channels and structures with improved performance at 60% of traditional design weight
  • Structural compliance of AM parts under design and operating conditions/loading using finite element method.
  • Redesign of legacy parts using reverse engineering and design for additive manufacturing processes

Process Improvement

  • Maximization of number of parts per one AM build using optimized nesting methodology and support generation 
  • Compensation for metallic parts distortion during the process due to heat build-up
  • Part geometric compliance from the first build by predicting failures due to process parameters, lack of supports, or part orientation
  • Computation of residual stored stress and prediction of deflection due to support removal
  • Prediction of grain morphology and porosity of additive manufactured parts