The building owners have conceded the importance of fire safety in relation to human lives and the overall costs of construction. Having quality, reliable and unfailing fire extinguishers is crucial. If a fire breaks out in your business, you need a way to fight it back fast. Having a complete fire suppression system is even better. Fire Protection Engineering and Life Safety have become a major concern in recent days.

NSI is a professional firm that endeavors to provide fire protection engineering services. We make sure you have the best solution for your building — whether it’s a small one or a prominent commercial place of business. We are confident that our team of Professional Engineers and certified designers can provide you with outstanding quality fire protection design, consulting, and commissioning services. Our growing customers base is a testament  we’ve been one of the most trusted providers of fire safety design in Canada.



Whether the hazard is in aircraft hangars, a warehouse with high piled storage, power generation, or chemical processing and storage, industrial fire protection applications require sensitivity and attention to each situation while keeping fulfilling the customer’s needs. NSI provides professional fire protection engineering design, consulting engineering, and inspection services for the public and private sectors. We work hard to prepare a systematic plan for providing reliable firefighting services.

We believe in installing or setting up the right fire protection equipment that helps extinguish about 80% of the fire before the arrival of the fire brigade. Our mission is to provide quality engineering services with a real-world approach, and that’s why we have a team of highly qualified engineering designers on board who intricately design the services in a way that promises maximum fire protection. This includes all types of fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, signage, and more.



We have experience in assessing and installing fire systems specific to each type of building and area. We design and install such fire systems where every installation is tailored to meet your facilities. Our systems use chemicals to smother fire immediately before it has a chance to spread out further.

To remain compliant and in operation, we’ll check to see that everything is working correctly, and if any service is required, you can count on us to perform it.