Design optimization is more than playing around with the system, equipment, or plant. It’s about maximizing the performance and efficiency of material application while minimizing lifecycle costs. Optimization is only possible using advanced techniques that combine personally prepared, targeted algorithms and accurate simulations driven by custom scripts. As the amount of simulation data is characteristically very large, an appropriate infrastructure is also required.

Design optimization leads to NSI offering integrated design and engineering solutions to optimize the product’s design across its lifecycle. Our expertise lies in analyzing the designs, automation, and CAD customization, leading to 80% savings of physical test cost and a 70% reduction in cycle times. To handle the simulated data efficiently, one must resort to hardware and software facilities suitable for this task. NSI can aid in all such areas exponentially.

Design optimization can bring about considerable improvements in the existing design of the material application. Given a set of limitations, which generally defines the aptness of the design to solve the problem at hand, the most performing one can be chosen amongst all potential solutions. This leads to considerable cost savings and an evident increase in product utility.



The techniques that can improve the overall efficiency of the structure fall into the following domains:


With our team of engineers and administrative staff, we have the required expertise in engineering and building products. NSI digitally re-engineers assemblies and parts of components to enhance the system’s structure and efficiency. Working on-site as well as off-site models, we work as an extension for our engineering team.