• 2016 - 2019
    Tsinghua Vibration Laboratory

    Materials Engineer

    • Designed, coordinated, and manufactured a dynamic load sensing system fulfilled with piezoelectric force transducers, operational amplifiers, and manufactured preloading components. Verification of structural and preload components conducted in ANSYS workbench. • To achieve a lightweight design of the load sensing system the structural design of the sensing system was optimized with shaft hub fitting, engagement length, tolerancing, shear area, and normalized area calculations conducted in MATLAB. • Coordinated, setup, and conducted vibration tests of structural components in mediums of air and water. • Experienced constructing material models for FEA simulation using raw material test data, experienced with piecewise linear plasticity, Johnson-Cook, honeycomb, low-density foam, crushable foam, and modified crushable foam. • Validation of material data by reconstructing testing conditions within FEA software LS-DYNA. • Experienced constructing modal data from vibrational acceleration and reference force data in MATLAB and LMS TEST LAB. • Extensive signal analysis experience in areas of data manipulation, frequency analysis, filtering and smoothing in MATLAB and PYTHON. • Coordinated and conducted static and dynamic tensile material tests in accordance with ISO6892-1 (static test) and ISO26203-2 (dynamic test) respectively.

  • 2015 - 2016
    AutoCAE Inc

    Mechanical Engineer

    • Designed, coordinated, worked with OEM suppliers, and manufactured support bearing housing for precision, high speed, and high load actuators. • Conducted assembly-level FEA simulations of support bearing housing under interface fitting utilizing ANSYS. • Conducted topology optimization utilizing actuator structural supports utilizing ANSYS/ABAQUS. • Numerical optimization of induction drive parameters of ramp-up time, torque- rotational relationship, and power-rotational relationship with lead screw power transmission parameters of buckling strength, critical speed, steady-state power and acceleration utilizing MATLAB. • Numerical analysis utilizing MATLAB of lead screw supports tolerance with SKF angular contact bearings in accordance with ISO286-1 (basic tolerance) and ISO286-2 (shaft tolerance). Thread and fastener design in compliance with ISO724 (metric threads) and ISO898 (properties of fasteners). • Proficient in international standards relating to studs, threading, fitting, and tolerances. • Managed and coordinated component-level manufacturing, worked closely with machinists to reduce cost and manufacturing difficulty of actuation support. • An extensive knowledge base of mechanical power transmission components, parameters, tolerances, operations, and limitations.

  • 2014 - 2015
    Pratt and Whitney Canada

    Mechanical Designer

    • Extensive knowledge in CAD component modeling, surface modeling, and large assemblies in CATIA V5. • Certified by Dassault Systémes as an expert using CATIA V5 surface modeling module • Experienced in CAD modeling mythology for complex geometry, bearings, shaft, airfoils, and turbines. • Trained and consistently worked with Geometric Dimensioning Tolerance (GD&T) standards. • Gained International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) clearance.